Creat-I-vity = create activity for you, for I.  If there is anything you do before you go to bed today, make time for yourself.  Do something that has you totally absorbed in the present time.  Celebrate the beauty of you and your life.  We, especially women, can have activities from the start of the day to the end of the day which focus on everybody else but ourselves.  Let’s spend sometime today being at peace with ourselves.  Love the person you are, no-one can do you or be you but you!  Every part of your being is worthy of your own time. Give yourself time.  Give to yourself.

Create that relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom that you dream of but never get time to do.  Go on, get those candles out, that lovely bubble bath with natural ingredients and put on your favourite music.  Spend some time doing what you really want to do or even just do nothing, this is just as nurturing and how hard we women find this to do!  Go on, don’t feel guilty just be in the moment.  Creat-I-vity is your own creation of self nurturing behaviour, indulge and enjoy!cropped-2021.jpg

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