Here we go……..

Do you ever feel like you’ve done most things in life but not really followed your life’s purpose?  Life throws us so many curve balls that I know, for me anyway, that getting that time to write becomes a luxury or wishful thinking.

From any early age I loved to write the alphabetical very carefully, making sure that I wrote each letter as ‘perfectly’ as I could.  As I got older I was hooked by creative writing, calligraphy, poetry and reading.  As I headed into ‘A’ level territory, Art & Design, English and French took over and by the time I hit further education, writing had taken a back seat in my life.  Career and job security and all the all the other distractions which go with them cancelled writing out of my life.

Thankfully, there is such a powerful pull with which writing draws you into its world.  I may not have written as much as I would have liked but I remained creative in other ways.  Writing poems as leaving gifts for colleagues who were leaving for pastures new or making my own cards with self-penned verses which brought tears to the eyes of receivers.

When I wrote for newspapers and health magazines I was in my element and challenge of drafting, redrafting, finally putting it all together was and is very much a satisfying element of writing.

My writing journey has been like a piece of art I have started and procrastinated.  What is the point of doing artwork and not getting it framed and displayed for others to share?  This I’m working on, I promise.  In the meantime, I will share my written experiences.  I look forward to meeting you on this journey.

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