Jennifer V. Clarke

Writer / Poet / Artist / Art and Music Lover / Interior Design (my hobby)
Aspiring Life Coach / Author

1614Writer20150606_082431[1]ArtistArt & Music LoverAspiring Life Coach

Another new blogger! Another new blogger!

What’s this I hear you cry?

Oh it’s lunch time, I’ll check out her blog it won’t hurt to stop by.

Hello! First timers, experienced, the relatively new,

You’re all welcome to come over for a view.

Creative writing and free expression are my thing.

Soul purpose in life I am highlighting.

This space will be a valuable resource to connect with each other.

It’s exciting to see what we will discover.

An enlightening arena to share information.

Highlighting trials, lessons and tribulation.

I’m taking the plunge to expand my creativity.

Hitting The Internet with my individuality.

 So come and join me on this writing adventure.

It will be filled with topics and healthy doses of laughter.

I hope that these words have made you smile.

My blog you will find is different, and that’s by a mile.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”. Confucius

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  1. Good to have found you. I liked your blog. Your thoughts true and honest. I agree with your thoughts on war. War is a business and no-one can win in war. The peace-makers were tooked from us. The belief of the Martin Luther King Jr. must be push forward by us with hope of peace. Maybe if a million writers and poets write as one. Could change our world.

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  2. HI Jennifer, Thanks very much for dropping by my blog.. and introducing me to yours 😉 I wish you a wonderful holiday season and all the best for 2016.. including lots of inspiration for your writing!


  3. You sure have a unique way of writing, ‘still searching for the appropriate word to describe it – maybe I’m gonna have to create one(lol) but you touched me with your writings. I’ll keep visiting here for inspiration. Thanks


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