💐Acts of Kindness (AOK)💐

This page is dedicated to Acts of Kindness (AOK). Have you noticed how easily we forget those moments when another person said something or acted in a way which meant something to you? I want to make a point of remembering those instances so that we have a page, a section or corner, whatever you want to call it where we can look at those happy moments.

This morning after breakfast and before my morning stroll, my fingers wanted to do some walking so they picked up a newspaper, The Independent where an article on ‘Happiness ‘ caught my eye.

 “Happiness depends on a balance of doing activities you love and meaningful activity  that plays to your values.” Said Dr Rob Yen,  a psychologist at consultancy Talents pace. “It is up to us to work out what our own individual values are, but meaningful activities could be helping others or supporting a cause, whether that be political or charitable.”

Stephan Klein, the author of The Science of Happiness, agrees, and cites a study carried out by psychologists Richard Ryan, Tim Kate and Peter  Schmuck which found that people for whom money and success are especially important are less satisfied than those who strive for good relationships and are active in social causes.

Let’s  stack up those AOK!


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